15 Ways to Always Looking Good in Photos

In recent years, taking selfies has become a widespread phenomenon, with millions of people around the world capturing their best moments and sharing them on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. The trend has created a new culture of self-expression and self-promotion, where people can showcase their personalities, moods, and daily activities in a visually appealing way. However, taking a good selfie is not just about pointing your camera and clicking a button.

It requires some basic knowledge of composition, lighting, and posing to create a captivating image that will grab people’s attention. In this context, the art of taking a good selfie has become a popular topic of discussion, with many experts and enthusiasts sharing tips, tricks, and techniques to help people improve their photography skills. In this article, we will explore some of the best practices for taking a good selfie, including lighting, background, angles, and poses, and provide some useful tips to help you capture your best moments.

Here are 15 tips to improve your selfies and photos.

If you love taking photos but haven’t found the best pose that suits you, here are some tips to help you achieve the desired results when taking selfies or any other photos anywhere.

Choose Your Good Side.

Everyone has a good side. Find yours and enhance it. A hint: most people claim their good side is on the left. Start investigating in that direction…

Use Natural Lighting and Avoid Non-frontal Lighting.

Natural light can be obtained from the sun or even the moon and can enhance the beauty of your photos or selfies without the need for artificial lighting.

If You Can, Choose the Golden Hour or the Blue Hour.

15 Ways to Always Looking Good in Photos

The golden light before sunset is the preferred lighting by photographers and filmmakers. This is because colors are brighter and more intense during this time, and the sky takes on a blue hue which contrasts well with other elements in the landscape.

Alternatively, you can also choose to capture photos during blue hour, which occurs just after sunset when a blue hue appears in the sky, creating a beautiful backdrop for photography. However, it is best to use a tripod when taking photos at this time as any movement can result in a blurry image.

Avoid Facial Shine.

In all photos, it is important to look your best, but in selfies, it is particularly vital. To prevent a shiny face, it is best to take the photo right after blotting the skin.

Better Without Flash

Using natural lighting instead of flash can help you achieve a more flattering look.

Try Closing Your Eyes Slightly.

15 Ways to Always Looking Good in Photos

When taking a selfie, opening your eyes too wide can make you appear scared. To soften your gaze and appear more relaxed, slightly tone down your eye expression. Be careful not to overdo it and look sleepy. If it doesn’t work for you, stick with your natural look. The key is to make the photo appear natural and unposed. The more natural it looks, the better you will like the result.

If You’re Not Satisfied, Try Not Looking at the Camera.

If you have tried the above and are unsatisfied with the results, you can try not looking directly at the camera. The easiest option is to slightly divert your gaze towards the floor, but always doing so can end up being very boring. Try looking at any point on the horizon before shooting and see if you like the result.

The Mouth is Also Relaxed.

15 Ways to Always Looking Good in Photos

To appear relaxed and natural is important for a good outcome, thus forced smiles will be your worst enemy in this case. A good trick for achieving a natural smile – if it doesn’t come naturally – is placing your tongue behind your incisors or on the roof of your mouth.

Enhance What You Enjoy the Most and Conceal What You Don’t.

Although it may seem basic, it is something that we often forget. If we want a good selfie or any photo and we don’t like how our ears look, it is best that we position ourselves or style our hair so that they do not take up the forefront. On the other hand, if we love our lips, it is best that we enhance them with gloss or lipstick so that they are the focal point.

Keep the Body Relaxed.

To take a good photo, avoid tensing up or raising your neck too high. It’s important to look natural but not lazy. Keep your body straight and slightly separate your arms and legs from your torso. Just a little bit, though.

Another option is to turn sideways and only rotate your face towards the camera.

Position One Shoulder Closer to the Camera Than the Other.

A tip to appear slimmer is to avoid facing the camera straight on. It’s recommended to tilt your shoulders so that one is closer to the camera and the other is farther away.

Keep Your Legs Apart.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from all the influencers, it’s that…

Another option is to slightly raise yourself on one or both feet. You can even combine this with the forward leg or walking posture. Like everything else, it’s a matter of trying and seeing what you prefer.

Another very flattering and commonly used posture among influencers is placing the body’s weight on the knees. In this case, it is very important to separate the legs. This posture is very beneficial, as you will see.

Hands Either in Pockets or Holding Something.

If you’re unsure what to do with your hands, some helpful tricks include holding something with one hand, placing at least one hand behind your body, or putting one or both hands in your pants or coat pockets.

If None of the Positions Suit You, Behave in a Normal Manner.

If you have tried posing in the previous position but still don’t like the result, try setting the timer and moving naturally so that the camera captures your movement. You can touch your hair, tie it up in a ponytail, remove or put on your sunglasses, put on your earrings, or do a thousand other things.

If Everything Seems to Be Going Wrong, Try Changing Your Hairstyle.

Hairstyles can impact the composition of a photo. Changing your hairstyle can improve the harmony in your photo if you feel it is lacking.

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