food Not everyone is comfortable being put into a total immersion learning system and it can be a bit frightening, so before you sign up for school abroad, you should spend some time evaluating your own personality, your lifestyle, and your learning style to make sure you will be comfortable. Travelling abroad is always a little scary, and if you are travelling to a country where you not only can’t speak the language, but not many people there speak your language, it is doubly frightening. Because so many people are choosing to learn Chinese in order to be bilingual for employment or other purposes, going to Chinese language school in China might not seem like the brightest idea to you.

Travelling abroad is not for all people, so here are a few ideas to determine if Chinese language school in China might be right for you:

– Family – There will be times when you feel lonely or miss your friends and family, but that is something that most students get over quickly. Remember that even if you go to Hong Kong or Beijing, which are enormous cities, getting back to your country will still be a long and grueling flight, so you may go a long time without seeing your family and friends.

– Travel – If you don’t enjoy travelling, seeing new sights, eating new foods, and meeting new people, then you might want to stay at home. Part of the wonder of learning the language in China is that you get to see the sights – not just places like Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall, but smaller towns and villages and see how people in smaller villages live, too.

– How You Learn – Some people enjoy learning at their own pace, or taking things slowly, but if you go to Chinese language school in China, you will be totally immersed in the culture and the language, and you may go some days without ever speaking any English. In fact, some new students report that they actually begin to dream in Chinese!

If you can, it is a great idea to spread your learning across several different regions of China – enjoying the high life of Shanghai and Hong Kong, while taking time to see all of the sights. While in Beijing, taking time out to visit the Olympic center is worth the trip alone!

Restaurants – A Great Dining Experience

Kolkata is the third largest city located at the eastern part of India. It is the capital of West Benga. The city was founded in 1690 by a merchant trader named Job Charnock.

The multinational population of Kolkata savors different recipes and dishes with no exceptions. It is one of the metropolitan cities of India that houses many fine dining restaurants. These cater to all kinds of foods from vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes to soup, appetizers and sweet desserts.

Restaurants around Kolkata serve popular dishes of Punkjabi, North and South Indian, Mughlai and Chinese. Mexican and Thai food are also gaining popularity. Among the Indian specialty foods are lentils, bhat, fish curry, luchi and tarkari.

Here are among the fine dining restaurants around Kolkata.

Sourav’s Food Pavillion

Sourav’s is a multi cuisine restaurant located at the city’s Park Street. The restaurant was opened by Sourav Gangualy. It offers a wide array and mysterious cuisines and good seating capacity.

The four-storey multiplex restaurants were designed by architect Kapil Bhalla. It has a unique arrangement of four restaurants under one roof and was completed in just five months. The first restaurant is called One Day. It is a 24-hour coffee shop on the first floor with live bands every night.

Over Boundary Restaurant at the second floor, they serve cross-country cuisines. Third is Maharaj, a 70-seater restaurant that serves royal food from Kashmir, North India and Afghanistan. The last most authentic lounge is the Prince of Cal. It showcases a German-made cricket laced with glittering active light of 12,000,000 color combinations.

These four restaurants cater special events or private parties like anniversaries, cocktail dinners, marriage receptions, bachelor parties and the like. Guests may even request an exclusive area of your choice of cuisine from around the world. Added highlights include a dance with the DJ’s, great sounds and lightings. Two persons can avail a set of menu for only 1000 Rs.

Mainland China

Mainland China is a Chinese restaurant that provides world class cuisine at a reasonable price. It offers a unique fine dining experience with high standard services. The two restaurants in Kolkata are located at the 3rd floor of South City Mall and at the 3rd floor Silver Arcade.

Popular delicacies include Drunken Chicken in Shaoxiang wine, Sliced Lamb with cumin and onion and Sizzling Eggplant with spicy tomato garlic sauce. Also, Crispy Vegetable in Beijing style and Fish with Chinese parsley sauce is another favorite amongst the visitors.

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