Car wipers clean windshields when driving in sunny weather, inside view.

The purpose of the windshields is to provide structural support to the vehicle’s roof. Also, they act as a barrier against the harmful elements. It protects the ones inside the vehicle and makes the cabin safe. Therefore, it can become dirty. Cleaning is about hygiene and maintaining the structural integrity of the glass. For that, one must follow some dos and don’ts of windshield cleaning

Small Accessories, Big Impact

Investing in the right accessories is crucial for cleaning the windshield. Since the windshield allows one visibility when they drive, it needs to be completely clean. A clean windshield improves the chances of visibility and reduces the chances of accidents. One way to keep it clean is to use a vehicle wiper

With the right accessories like the windshield cleaner, glass cleaner, anti-fog spray and more, one keeps the windshield intact. These cleaning products make the windshield more resistant to harm from dust and foreign particles. For the best car accessories online shopping experience, one must rely on the brand and customer reviews to know if the products provide the results they claim. 

Now that one has all the accessories with them, it is time to start cleaning. However, just cleaning is not enough. One must follow the proper cleaning procedures and maintenance schedule to ensure the windshield stays pristine for a long time. For that, they must follow the dos and don’ts of windshield cleaning. The windshield serves two main purposes – providing support to the vehicle’s roof and protecting those inside from external elements. As a result of this, it is common for it to become dirty over time. Proper cleaning of the windshield is essential to maintain hygiene and ensure the glass’s structural integrity. Following certain guidelines for windshield cleaning is important to achieve this goal.

The Dos and Don’ts of Windshield Cleaning 

The Dos

  • Dust the Dirt Away First

Even before you start cleaning, the first step of the process is to dust away the dirt. The dirt particles are rough; if one tries to scrub over them, they will scratch the windshield. 

  • Wash the Car in the Shade

Avoid washing the windshield under the Sun. The heat can leave swirls and patches of watermarks on the glass. It will interfere with the vision. The streaking will ultimately render the windshield incapable of use. Therefore, it is best to wash under the shade. 

  • Use the Proper Cleaning Tools

It is imperative to use the proper cleaning tools. Using rags can leave swirls and marks on the windshield. Therefore, one must use a microfiber cloth and a car windshield cleaning solution for the best results. 

Do not forget to wipe the cloth between the strokes among the dos and don’ts of windshield cleaning. Maintain the strokes in one direction. It is best to use the two-bucket method, where one contains the cleaning solution and the other is to wipe the dirt-filled cloth.

The cleaner is non-abrasive and will not leave any scratches or marks on the glass. Other than that, one would also need detailing brushes to add the products to the finer areas of the windshield. It is best to invest in a proper toolkit so that it lasts for years. 

  • Clean the Outside Part of the Window First 

Clean the outer part of the windows first. Start with the front and back windshield, and wash the windows in the shade. Washing and cleaning the exterior part of the windows ensure that all the surface-level dirt is clear. Then one can move to the inner window part. It makes it easy to clean the inner part. 

Having gathered all the necessary equipment, the next step is to commence cleaning. However, merely cleaning the windshield is insufficient. To maintain the windshield’s cleanliness over an extended period, it is necessary to follow appropriate cleaning protocols and adhere to a maintenance schedule. This involves following the dos and don’ts of windshield cleaning.

Since the outer part carries most of the dirt and grime, the microfiber will pick it up. Also, cleaning the outside first with a separate microfiber cloth ensures no transfer of dirt and contaminants. Using separate microfiber cloths for the inner and outer windshield surfaces is the cardinal rule of dos and don’ts of windshield cleaning

The Donts 

  • Using Ammonia-Based Window Cleaners

Out of the many products that are available in the market, try to avoid the ammonia-based ones. They are the ones that leave streaks. It also creates a film on the glass that captures moisture. 

  • Do Not Wet the Window Frames 

If you use the bucket washing method, wipe up all the drips on the window frame and sill. It can let the window frame collect all the moisture and eventually lead to damage. It is best to use a spray bottle for cleaning.

  • Do Not Wash the Windows in the Rain

Rainy days make it difficult to tell whether you have removed all the streaks from the windows. Working in the shade or a dry atmosphere allows the water and the cleaner to evaporate quickly from the windshield surface. Thus, it reduces the chances of leaving behind watermarks and swirls. 

  • Do Not Forget to Swipe One Last Time 

Another rule in the dos and don’ts of windshield cleaning is that once the cleaning process is over, one would need to reclean the frames to remove any excess spritz. Avoid touching the glass during this part of the cleaning. It is best to use a fresh and clean microfiber cloth to do the final swipe to remove all the excess spritz of the cleaner.  

The Final Words

There are certain guidelines to be followed while cleaning vehicle windows, especially the windshield. Adhering to these guidelines will help ensure effective cleaning and avoid any problems. One can have a spotless car windshield with the right cleaning accessories from All they must do is adhere to a timely cleaning schedule and follow the dos and don’ts of windshield cleaning.

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