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Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life and the 9 to 5 schedule, we hardly get the time to find our comfort factor. When it comes to camping in a serene place, it is impossible to imagine a scenario without tents. However, camping with the right set of essentials feels like heaven, especially when one has an inflatable tent in store. Worried about how a tent can ensure all your comfort and convenience factors during camping? This informative blog is a must-read for you as it can open up a new frontier of knowledge on inflatable tents.

Although there are a plethora of options available in the marketplace, often it becomes challenging to find a perfect tent that goes with versatile needs. Admit it or not, without the right pair of shoes in conjunction with the right tent, you can turn your ordinary camping experience into a wonderful one. Investment in a camping tent is one of the best investments that you can make as it would ascertain your safety and protection at the same time. Before you rush to the market and purchase a tent for you, we are here with some insights on the inflatable tent which will not only guide you on the right path, rather you will be able to acquaint yourself with factors you actually should consider.

Features of inflatable tent

As the inflatable tent is growing popular, there are numerous eminent brands, coming up with their versions of it. An inflated version of tents is in reality like common tents, having inflatable beams. Looking for a family version of tents? No worries, there is nothing that can replace the inflatable tent. Moreover, be it your three to four camping companions, or a team of six members, you can easily adjust to this type of tent. Just follow the three steps to set up your inflatable tent within 5 minutes.  Unfold, pump up and peg down, your tent is ready. Want to know why these particular tents are extremely popular in recent times? Here is a glimpse of its features which you can meticulously follow and align for your camping needs before picking one.

  • Simple design with one-piece construction
  • Lightweight models
  • Spacious and ideal for outdoor space
  • Available in various shades and sizes

Benefits of using an inflatable tent for your next camping trip

Planning for your next camping trip and have no clue about how to choose the right set of camping essentials? Focus initially on the shelter as without the proper shelter you may not be able to gear up yourself for the thrill. Stop looking here and there for the right information regarding tents, here in this blog; we have listed down some of the benefits of inflatable tent to lead you in the right direction.

  • Easy to transport-In comparison to the traditional tent model, inflatable ones are quite lightweight and it enhances the degree of portability factor. Be it a long walk or a tour to an offbeat place, you can feel free to carry this inflatable pole-based tent in your backpack. Ranging from small one-person tents to large tents is also there so that 5 to 6 people can effortlessly fit into it.
  • Foldable-Camping is one of the best recreational activities and you can also call it a temporary break from the routine busy schedule. However, when it comes to setting up our tent, we usually lose all our energy. Bid goodbye to all those worries and exhaustion with inflatable air tents which are foldable and can be set up effortlessly without any hassle.
  • Highly water resistant- One of the greatest aspects of inflatable tents is that they are water resistant and you need to become anxious about rainfall when you are in offbeat terrain for wonderful camping experiences. No matter what the weather condition of your camping destination is, when you have inflatable air tents nothing can stop you from relishing the experience
  • Long-lasting-Air tents backed by inflatable poles unlike traditional tents are not at all prone to breaking. Thanks to their strong exterior that defies the damage and punctures from taking place. Hence, by investing in this type of tent, you can rest assured that you no longer have to spend money on them as they are going to last for a long time.
  • Resilient and reliable- The inflated and airy structure of these tents often gives rise to a misconception that this must be puncturable. But the reality is these tents are made up of the finest quality materials to keep the tents tear-proof for a long period. Choose wisely to enjoy peace of mind during camping.

Final Thoughts

Whenever planning camping, never forget to pick an ideal tent for you. One of the most intriguing facts is that steel-poled tents to fibreglass tent options are also available in the marketplace to choose the best one. Relatively new in camping? Or looking to invest less in tents? Go for inflatable airy tents to make you buy the best buy ever. To know more about tents in NZ, do comment below as we will come back with more interesting content next time.


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