how to make a welcome channel discord

Do you need to create a channel to display a welcome message when a person joins your server? With the assistance of integrated capabilities and numerous bots for your discord server, we can educate you on how to make a welcome channel discord. 

This article consists of the maximum not unusual place methods how to make a welcome channel discord on a server. 

What is a Welcome Channel in Discord?

A welcome channel is a devoted channel to announce and welcome new customers to the Discord server.

It is likewise a manner to introduce new participants to how to make a welcome channel discord.

Do now no longer confuse a welcome channel with a guidelines channel, as they may be configured one at a time and feature one-of-a-kind purposes.

A guidelines channel is the primary channel a server member sees and has to agree to. It lists the server guidelines and guidelines.

Once the brand-new participants have agreed to the guidelines, most effective then can they be brought to the welcome channel?

If your aim changes to create a channel this is proven first together with your server guidelines, then study our cutting-edge manual on the way to create a guidelines channel in Discord easily.

Why make a Welcome Channel in Discord?

A welcome channel provides a pleasing contact for your server, however, its miles used for greater than simply aesthetic purposes.

A welcome channel could have numerous uses, such as

  • Announce the becoming a member of recent participants.
  • Welcome new participants with a custom message and introduce the server.
  • List all of the admins, moderators, and bots’ money owed they could attain out to for assistance.
  • Mention the primary steps or something else they could check with get started.

Additionally, a custom welcome message may be used to make your server stand out.

How to Make a Welcome Channel in Discord?

Making a channel on a server isn’t any sweat. What may get hard is formatting how to make a welcome channel discord. However, we’re right here to manually you for the duration of this process. Here’re the stairs to make the welcome channel in Discord:

Create a Channel

Follow the stairs beneath neath to make a welcome channel for your server in Discord. 


  1. Open Discord and visit your server
  2. Click on the Plus icon beside textual content channels to create a channel
  3. Set the call as a Welcome channel or something you’d like
  4. Click on the Create Channel alternative

Doing this may create a brand-new channel in your server. You can do the subsequent formatting to show this right into a welcome channel.

Set Advance Permission Settings 

  1. Click on the Edit Channel alternative at the beginning of your channel conversation. If you may discover this alternative, click on the Settings icon after your channel beneath neath textual content channels to edit the channel.
  2. Go to Permission and click on Advanced Permission.
  3. Make certain the Role/Members are allowed for @everyone. You also can set it for moderators and admin most effectively; it’s as much as you.
  4. Then, click on the right mark beside the View channel beneath neath General permission to permit it. Doing this may make the channel seen by all of your server participants.
  5. Scroll right down to Read Message History beneath Neath Text Channel Permission and permit it. Doing this may permit the brand-new participants to look at preceding welcome messages.
  6. Similarly, beneath neath Text Channel Permission, disable Send Messages. No member may be capable of shipping messages in this channel while you disable it.
  7. Click on the Save Changes button


Enabling or disabling those alternatives isn’t always a necessity; but that is what maximum servers do even as growing a welcome channel for her server. You can layout it, but you’d like to. 

Change System Event Messages

 Set this new channel because the default channel is to get device occasion notices. 


  1. Click on the down arrow beside the server’s call and choose Server Settings
  2. Go to Overview and scroll right down to System Messages Channel 
  3. Select the Welcome Channel 
  4. Enable all 4 alternatives and click on Save Changes 


If you don’t need the welcome message to seem on the overall channel, transfer the device messages channel to preferred and disable the “Send a random message while a person joins this server.

Rename the General Channel

You also can alternate the overall channel to the welcome channel because the device messages channel is already set right here. All you need to do is rename the channel.

  1. Go to evaluate and rename the channel beneath neath channel call as welcome-channel or something you’d like. 
  2. Click on the Save Changes alternative.

Doing this may rename the channel and set the default channel because the welcome channel. 


How do Add Bots to Welcome Channel in Discord?

You also can upload bots to make your welcome channel greater interactive and effective. 

To discover a discord bot, you may look for them in your internet browser. Some of the maximum well-known and beneficial bots are MEE6, Dyno, Green-bot, Welcomer, etc. 

We will display to you the way to use the MEE6 bot to set up your welcome channel. 


  1. Open the MEE6 bot in your internet server and click on Add to Discord button.
  2. Press the Setup alternative on your server and press the Continue alternative
  3. Click on the Continue alternative once more and disable the alternatives now no longer to allow them to authorize the MEE6 bot.
  4. After you’re carried out deselecting, click on the Authorize alternative.
  5. Verify that you are a human
  6. If now no longer redirected, Go returned to the MEE6 dashboard. Then, choose Welcome beneath neath Server Management. 
  7. Enable the “Send a message while a person joins the server” alternative
  8. Tap at the Welcome Message Channel and choose your Welcome channel
  9. Choose both textual contents and embed message alternatives.
  10. Go to the message container and kind withinside the message you need to see each time a person joins. Adding facts and commands approximately your server is recommended.
  11. Enable “Send a welcome card while a person joins the server” in case you need the brand-new member to get hold of a welcome card for your welcome channel
  12.  Click on the Save alternative.


1. How to assign a channel to be the welcome channel in a discord server

Right-click on your discord server and click on create channel alternative. Type a call on your channel and once more choose the create channel button.

2. How to make a welcome and good-bye channel on discord

set welcome <#channel> – Set the channel wherein welcome/to go away messages may be posted


! farewell Goodbye – greet folks that are leaving.


Type! street to appearance how your welcome or farewell messages

3. How to alternate the welcome channel on discord

First, create a welcome channel. Then navigate to Edit channel > Permission > Advanced Permission to make vital adjustments in your channel. 

4. How to feature a welcome bot to a discord channel

Go to the authentic internet site of MEE6 and click on “Add to discord”. Next faucet on “Set up MEE6” and choose your server. Next, choose to keep and once more faucet at the authorization button.  

5. How to install a welcome channel in discord

Click on the “Welcome” alternative on the MEE6 dashboard. Enable or disable the specified alternatives from the listing after which click on save.



This article set the way how to make a welcome channel discord. If you study well then you do your best.

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