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How to Draw Naruto. Many characters in the history of manga and anime have become famous worldwide. Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most popular of these characters.

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He is the protagonist of various manga and anime adaptations and an avid young ninja-in-training.

Other iconic characters also surround him, and he has many amazing adventures.

With so many fans worldwide, it is understandable that many would like to know how to draw Naruto. Anime and manga characters are usually very detailed, and Naruto is no exception.

This can make learning to draw complex, so we wanted to create this guide.

In six steps, we’ll show you how to draw and color this famous character so you can create some of your fan art of the character.

Now that we’ve explained how you can draw it let’s glance at some methods to take it further with your ideas and additions.

So get ready for a fantastic journey with Naruto because we’ll start with this guide and show you exactly how to do it!

How to Draw Naruto

Step 1

With this design, we start from the top! In this first step, we will start with Naruto’s head and hair.

It can be helpful to first trace the drawing with a pencil when drawing people, even anime-style. This is useful as it helps you keep the aspect ratio accurate.

We recommend doing this for this design too! You can start drawing a rough oval shape for the head.

Then you can use larger ovals for her body and limbs, using the images below as a guide. Whether you choose to do this trick or not is up to you, but it will help if you do!

Regardless, we’re now ready to draw his head. The shape of his head is quite round and not that exaggerated compared to a natural person’s face.

Remember to attach the ears to the sides of the head and then add some simple details. Naruto wears his signature headband, and we can add that too.

Draw curved horizontal lines to create this band above the ears and across the forehead. Finally, you can complete this step by drawing his hair.

Like many manga and anime characters, she has a spiky hairstyle. It should be easy to draw since it’s just a series of pointed shapes connected. This is done for her head and hair; we can move on to step 2.

Step 2

We will add a few more things in this second step, so let’s go slowly. First, his band has a rectangular crest, so let’s add that.

It’s significant in the middle of the band and has six small circular shapes on the left and right sides. Next, we’ll draw the collar for Naruto’s uniform.

His collar is large and prominent, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to draw if you follow the reference closely. We’ll use a slightly irregular line to make it look fluffy when we draw it.

His chest, which will be his section, should be easy enough to draw. Again, we won’t use straight lines to give the impression that you’re wearing fabric. Now it’s time to move on to step 3!

Step 3

This step focuses on adding facial and hand features to your Naruto drawing. Let’s start with the face.

We’ve created a pretty intriguing facial expression for Naruto in this design, and while it may look complicated, it’s made up of some pretty simple lines.

His closed eyes can be drawn with a few simple curved horizontal lines. On top of that, they have eyebrows that look very similar but are a bit thinner than the lines of their eyes.

This one has a small rounded section that has some more complicated wires radiating from it. We recommend closely matching this accessory to our example image.

Finally, let’s draw his forearms and hands. Drawing hands can be tricky, no matter what style you draw in. We recommend that you carefully follow the reference image.

As mentioned above, go hip-hop for this pose. That’s all for now, and we can move on to step 4.

Step 4

Before we draw her legs, we need to add more details about her torso.

This won’t be too intense or difficult to draw; it will be fine for that part of the character.

First, extend the two rectangular sections you drew onto his collar. These reach up to the waistband.

They are drawn with some smooth vertical lines with the most minor curvature. They will also be connected with some small lines in between, as shown in the reference.

We’ll add a wavy line just above the waistband to reveal the crease in the fabric.

Next, connect some slightly curved horizontal lines below her shoulders to the parting we drew in the middle of her torso.

The last thing to draw for this step is his belt. This is a relatively easy detail to draw that will wrap up this section nicely.

Draw another slightly curved horizontal line across the beginning of the waist, and then add a small vertical line down the middle of that section.

That’s all that makes up the top half of her body! Before proceeding, make sure everything is the way you want it. Then we can add the final details.

Step 5

Now we’re ready to add the final details to your Naruto drawing. There is still much to add in this step, so pay close attention to the reference image here.

Next, you can draw some small texture details on his large collar. Some simple details are added practically everywhere in the drawing to add texture and realism.

You can copy the details we show in our picture, but feel free to add your own too! When your procedure is finished, you can count more elements.

A perfect method is to add a background or other characters to recreate your favorite Naruto scenes. Now everything is up to you!

When you’re happy with its appearance, you can erase any pencil stripes you utilize to plan the design. In the last step, we add some color.

Step 6

Naruto is a character with many bright colors in his design, but some darker colors are also mixed in.

It makes for quite a distinctive character, so let’s go through all the colors included.

First, you can dye her hair a bright yellow. Don’t forget to color the small hair sections visible at the bottom of the head.

Next, we will use dark blue for the ribbon and shoulder pads. His boots and belt will also sport this dark blue color.

Next, we use a light skin tone for all her exposed skin and some gray for metallic elements like her sash badge and uniform zipper.

Your Naruto Drawing is Finished!

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