For those who don’t know, Practice Mate is a multi-disciplinary software, and ChiroTouch EHR is a chiropractic solution. In today’s guide, we will compare these solutions by exploring their feature range, conducting price and review analysis, etc. This way, you will get to learn how these solutions differ and assess their integrated functionalities.  

This guide will also explain why Practice Mate EHR software and ChiroTouch Chiropractic EMR software are the best-of-their-breed solutions. Practice Mate rocks the practice management aspect, and ChiroTouch software aces the overall chiropractic EMR field. No vendor can beat these solutions as they are highly capable and master what they do.   

Analyzing Practice Mate And ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR Software 

Practice Mate vs ChiroTouch: The Specialities  

In Practice Mate vs ChroTouch analysis, you will learn that these are two entirely different solutions. One is a multi-specialty platform and the other looks after the needs of chiropractors.  

Practice Mate EHR: 

Practice Mate EHR is a meticulously designed practice management healthcare solution. Running on the cloud, it offers cost-effective services to providers boosting administrative efficiency and clinical revenue. Users can benefit from its free integrated clearinghouse solution, which allows for seamless claims processing and denial management. Practice Mate also has an intact EHR module, serving as a wholesome solution for physicians.  

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EMR Software  

As for ChiroTouch, it is a chiropractic EMR that tends to the needs of chiropractors. It powers the practices with built-in tech-savvy functionalities. The features of ChiroTouch are designed to simplify complex clinical operations. It is an integrated all-rounder EHR solution designed on a chiropractic interface. Serving over 21000 customers with around 20 years of unparalleled experience in the healthcare industry, ChiroTouch Chiropractic EMR enjoys a remarkable reputation. 

Practice Mate vs ChiroTouch: The Features 

Now, let’s explore what distinctive features ChiroTouch and Practice Mate EHR software offers.  

Practice Mate EHR: 

Practice Mate is a fully-functional EHR solution offering many invaluable specs, including customizable integrations. It puts together an exceptional feature set gaining the attention of thousands of care providers. Ensuring compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations, the vendor offers numerous quality services. The intuitive specs of Practice Mate EHR software are: 

  • Medicare Audits 
  • Medicare Appeals 
  • Risk Adjustment 
  • Insurance Discovery 
  • Claims and Eligibility Management 
  • Gateway Services 
  • Direct Messaging  
  • esMD 

ChiroTouch Features:  

ChiroTouch is one comprehensive solution leaving no room for errors and misinterpretation. The remote accessibility and HIPAA compliance of this vendor is flawless. Regarding features, ChiroTouch aces it with services like real-time data backup and customizable MACROS. The integral features of ChiroTouch that streamline the workflow of medical practices are:  

  • Charting provider screen  
  • Superbills, CMS1500  
  • Compliant SOAP notes  
  • Ledger and invoice management  
  • Patient management  
  • Unlimited file storage  
  • Performance reports and tracking  
  • ERA auto-posting  

Practice Mate vs ChiroTouch: The Pricing 

Let’s explore the price range now in this Practice Mate vs ChiroTouch guide. This will help you get a clear idea of what these solutions charge for the services offered.   

Practice Mate EHR:

Practice Mate EHR packs a peculiar cost structure for clinicians, which earned it remarkable fame in the EMR industry. For instance, it offers a cost-free clearinghouse, practice management and patient portal services. Alongside that, it also maintains a fixed-price aspect.  A price tag of $29.95 is associated with the EHR module of Practice Mate. Additionally, this leading solution features certain add-ons that come for a price. The cherry on top is there is no setup or training fees which enhances the value of the vendor’s pricing structure. 

ChiroTouch Pricing:  

Intended to make life a whole lot easier for practitioners, ChiroTouch provides reasonable pricing plans. ChiroTouch offers two pricing bundles, and their range starts from just $149 per month per user. The ChiroTouch Core pricing bundle is packed with Practice Matel clinical services, and the ChiroTouch Advanced offers intuitive services. The prime difference between the two pricing solutions is that the ChiroTouch Advanced bundle features claims management cycle services.  

Practice Mate vs ChiroTouch: The Reviews 

After the price and features assessment, we will now analyze the reviews of our concerned EHRs. So, let’s explore the reviews in this comparative analysis guide. 

Practice Mate Reviews: 

The reviews of Office Ally Practice Mate start and end on its cost-effectiveness. All the user statements of this vendor contain the pricing element. Some reviews say Office Ally Practice Mate minimizes financial strain with its cost-free services. While others say, it enables practices to embrace scalability by running profitable businesses charging low maintenance costs. Above all, Office Ally Practice Mate reviews share that it charges nothing over a dime considering its extensive feature range. Besides this, Office Ally Practice Mate reviews highlight its resilience and configurability. 

ChiroTouch Reviews:  

Chiropractic notes are a must to mention when it comes to the ChiroTouch reviews. The reviews of the ChiroTouch solution are primarily about how it tackles cumbersome clinical situations. The vendor is easy to get started and thus is loved by most medical professionals. The reviews of ChiroTouch are all praises for its integration. Using this solution is like jumping into a paperless world free of clinical disruption. The intuitive nature and configurability are the two most highlighted elements in ChiroTouch reviews.   

Practice Mate EHR Software vs ChiroTouch Chiropractic EMR Software 

Before ending this analytic guide, it is a must to explore the demo tutorials of Office Ally Practice Mate and ChiroTouch Chiropractic EMR software. It is something you do have to do on your end. This step is necessary for the demo tutorials of Office Ally Practice Mate, and ChiroTouch presents a detailed overview of their valuable functionalities.  

For example, the demo tutorial of Office Ally Practice Mate is known for its content-rich insights as it pours light on its prime aims and goals. The demonstration tutorials of both solutions are free-of-cost. Thus, there’s no reason for you to overlook this golden opportunity of exploring these vendors in real-time.  

So, go for the demo tutorials of ChiroTouch and Practice Mate EHR software and see how drastically these solutions differ. We believe you must go with ChiroTouch if you are running a chiropractic care facility. In this case, ChiroTouch is more effective than Practice Mate EHR software. Otherwise, go with the latter platform. 

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