Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

As happy and cheerful is the time of engagement in one’s life, the decision of choosing the right ring can be mind-boggling. But we are here to help you select the best ring for you. There are so many factors to consider while choosing an engagement ring. While the most important is the shape of the gemstone and durability, other things like the color of the gem can inspire you to buy your ring. You might not want to go for the classic ones and pick up an altogether different gem for your ring. We hear you.

An engagement ring is a decision for a lifetime, and the choice should tell your personality. While choosing this important jewelry piece, you would want to consider the metal band, the crystal, the shape of the gem, and your budget. You can either go for gold, rose gold, silver, or platinum; choices being limited, you don’t get confused. But when it comes to the gemstone in your ring, you might be baffled. For a long time, grooms had only thought about diamonds when it came to the proposal ring. Still, the modern-day brides are looking for something that looks trendy and smart and creates a fashion statement rather than just being a symbol of marriage.

With so many choices available in the market nowadays, you would want to go for an engagement ring that stays in trend even after your special day. Keeping this in mind, we have chosen apt gemstones that can go well with your everyday and party outfits and constantly remind you of your right choice.

Herkimer Diamond Ring

The gemstone looks like a diamond because of its transparency and clarity. It has two ends and unique sparkle. Also known as the stone of attunement, this gemstone helps connect with others and oneself. This quality of Herkimer diamond makes it an appropriate choice for an engagement ring. Because of its two ends, it sends and receives spiritual energy. It is faceted by nature, and so every gemstone looks unique. These are rare and most sought for gems.

Rose Quartz Ring

A gemstone of unconditional love, rose quartz is a popular crystal because of its healing properties. Rose Quartz is quite preferred as an engagement ring because of its qualities and pink color that itself resembles happiness and joy. It comes in pale as well as deep pink hues. It is loved for its soothing color like rose petals and is sometimes cut in heart shape. Other than emitting love, the gemstone also helps attain clear skin. It will also regulate the health of the heart, lungs, and kidneys and removes impurities from body fluids. It also protects the pregnant woman and unborn child.

Moonstone Ring

Moonstone rings are worn to welcome love into life, and hence they stand as the best choice for a jewelry piece close to your heart. Bringer of good fortune, the gemstone is said to fulfill wishes. It looks like a pearl with a shimmer on its surface that resembles moonbeams. It has mystical properties. If you are looking for something subtle and minimal, you can consider a moonstone.

Opal Ring

Opal Ring

Opal is gaining quite a popularity these days when it comes to engagement rings. It is considered the luckiest of all gems and brings love, happiness, and abundance to one’s life. It is also said to improve your relationships. Apart from being a gift of good fortune, the opal ring is famous for its stunning play of colors. In order to preserve the shine, its important to keep your opal jewelry safe in a soft cloth or cotton.

Turquoise Ring

A turquoise ring will eliminate your past wounds and bring calm into your life. It will help you release from the life traps and bring you good luck. It has a sea refreshing blue color and gives a very trendy and boho look. If your partner wants her wedding jewelry with a modern touch, then a turquoise ring can be considered a good option. Turquoise will bring a refreshing energy to your life, just like its reviving color. In addition, it will up your immune system and aid in the absorption of nutrients in the body.

Because engagement rings are for life, check if the stone’s setting in the ring is enough to protect the stone from any scratches. The bezel is a protective setting and gives a very subtle look to your ring.

Now that you know good options for the central gem in your engagement ring, you want to know where to shop them. For authentic and quality gemstone jewelry, I advise you to check out Rananjay Exports, the best dealer of wholesale gemstone jewelry. I hope you find your perfect engagement ring.

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