Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

In jewellery, cubic zirconia (CZ), a synthetic gemstone, is frequently used in place of diamonds. It is optically comparable to a diamond and is made of zirconium dioxide in crystalline form. For its extraordinary brilliance and sparkle, cubic zirconia jewelry is renowned. It has a high refractive index, which enables it to intensely refract and reflect light, producing a brilliant display of colours and flashes.

Since CZ comes in a variety of colours, jewellery design has more colour options. In addition to the traditional clear stones that resemble diamonds, cubic zirconia can also be produced in a range of colours, including pink, blue, yellow, and green.

So, in order to ensure that your cubic zirconia jewelry continues to lend a timeless beauty and elegance, we have got for you a detailed guide upon how to care for your cubic zirconia jewelry.

A Basic Cleansing Technique For Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Most people prefer to adorn that exquisite and adorable specimen of cubic zirconia jewelry, like that cubic zirconia ring or that stylish and shimmering cubic zirconia pendant on several occasions, as a versatile gemstone jewerly.

Eventually, the crystal of this gem is bound to be covered with a stubborn layer of dirt and dust particles like oil, debris and other particles lingering in the environment. 

If left unchecked for a long duration of tie, these particles can reduce the shine and shimmer of cubic zirconia, which can make the jewel to look dull and less attractive.

Well, all it takes to retore that lost sine and beauty of cubic zircon jewelry is just a few minutes of cleaning it using a home-made water-soap solution and you would be astonished to see that how miraculously this hack would work.

Here is a detailed guide that will take you through evert step of cleaning cubic zirconia using this cleansing technique:

  • Heat some water to normal levels and pour it in a wide container. Make sure that the water is not too much hot, or it can drastically damage the jewel
  • Now add some few drops of a mid jewelry cleaner, or a detergent or soap to that water and mix it well to obtain a solution
  • Make sure that the soap or the detergent is free of any harsh chemicals or ingredients, or else the repercussions can be quite disastrous
  • Now simply put that cubic zirconia bracelet or any other ornament in that solution for about 5-10 minutes and leave it undisturbed for that while
  • Gently rub the surface with a tooth brush having soft and smooth bristles to remove that layer of durn and dust
  • Take out the jewel and pat dry it with a dry jewelry cloth to ensure that no traces of the cleansing agent are left on its surface

This same solution can be used to clean off other similar graded jewels like the birthstone jewelry opal, or even the charka jewelry turquoise.

Take it for Professional Cleansing

Whenever we think of taking a piece of jewel for professional cleansing, we usually think of ultrasound. No doubt that ultrasound is by far the most effective way to get rid of that sticky and stubborn layer of oily particles.

However, it is also imperative to consider that those harsh and electrocuted frequency waves coming out of the ultrasound device can penetrate the soft and delicate surface of cubic zirconia, as it has got a mere hardness level of around 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Instead, consider taking it to a professional jewelry designer who would scrupulously assess the crystal and will identify the areas of deformation, tarnishing as well as discoloration. And using other tech-oriented methods, he would ensure giving you a gleaming and quivering specimen.

Proper Storage Protocols

If due to any reason, you don’t prefer to use cubic zirconia as a versatile gemstone jewelry, then its better to be particular about storing and preserving it properly when not in use.

And to ensure that your glittering and gleaming pair of those long stud cubic zirconia earrings or that exclusively beautiful and shimmering cubic zirconia necklace does not suffer any breakage or damage, consider storing in air tight zip locks or plastic bags so that harmful environmental agents like humidity and moisture can’t get over the surface of cubic zirconia.

Also, make sure that you don’t keep it under a direct exposure to sunlight or any form of heat as it can break the crystal due to excess temperature.

Keep it Away from Harsh and Abrasive Chemicals

Well, one caring tip for all gems and jewels, is that the wearer should always keep them at a safer distance from coming into a direct contact with any substance that has a high composition of chemicals or abrasive substances in it like phosphate and magnesium.

Amongst such items are regular cosmetics, kitchen items like dish wash, baking soda, and citric acid compounds like vinegar and lemon. 

These agents can stick to the surface and can cause stints and marks to cubic zirconia. Also, it can lead to discoloration and rusting of the gem.

So, it’s better to stay cautious and properly look after, instead of ruing later when something occurs with your cubic zirconia jewelry.

Keep it Away from Water 

Water may not be as dangerous to CZ as it is to other stones like turquoise and opal. The reason for this is that ruby is a relatively tougher gemstone, scoring almost 8 on the Mohs scale.

Nevertheless, you must remember that prolonged contact with water can be quite harmful for cubic zirconia jewellery as it may make the stone appear dull and foggy. The stone may also seem a little tarnished and discoloured under extreme circumstances.

Therefore, it is always advised to refrain from bathing or swimming when wearing a CZ bracelet or any other piece of jewellery. 

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